Sunday, March 4, 2012

Love in San Fran

I forget how much I love to travel. And I forget how much better Valentine's Day is when you actually have someone to spend it with! As I was planning things to do for Thomas for V-Day I found this awesome recipe (on pinterest of course, where else?) for Red Velvet Waffles....umm hello heaven! With a little bit of fresh strawberry jam and whipped cream on top, it was a breakfast miracle! So I knew I needed to make these, so naturally I just planned to wake up early and surprise him with breakfast in bed. Well, we were out of eggs, Thomas apparently knew we were out of eggs too. When he came home the night before V-Day he came into our bedroom and says, "you bought eggs," but it was in that tone of voice that really meant, "whyyy did you buy eggs?" when I just smiled back at him he said, "I bought eggs," but in that tone of voice that said, we were both planning to surprise the other with breakfast. We laughed about it and decided we would just cook it together! So the next morning we wake up early to make breakfast and what do I find when I walk out to the kitchen? A COUNTER FULL OF DIET COKE! Talk about best husband in the world! It was the most fulfilling moment of my life....ok not really but it was a beautiful sight! After work we went to the temple with my beehives because we still had mutual that night so the girls decided they wanted to go do baptisms because they have all been working on their family geneology. Thomas came along to baptize. It was such an awesome experience to see these sweet 12 and 13 year old girls be so excited about temple work. They were beaming and so anxious to do their ancestors work. After the temple, Thomas and I had his parents over for dinner. We made (or should I say, Thomas mostly made...) filet mignon, cilantro lime jump shrimp (naturally i didn't touch that) mashed potatoes, and asparagus. It was honestly one of the best meals I've had in a LONG time! Perhaps I should start calling my hubs, Chef Tom. Then Kris brought chocolate fondue for dessert. I died and went to heaven! Hands down it was the best V-Day I've ever had thanks to Chef Tom and his sweet ways! The next day, we were on a flight to San Fran for the next 5 days! We both had to work a bit which was kind of a bummer but I'd much rather be working from San Fran than in Orem! I got to see my man in action doing the jeweler thing and drove around with him as he visited jewelers all around the San Fran area. It was nice to see what his job on the road is like! We tried to take everyone's different recommendations of things to do. But when anyone asks me what we did, only one thing comes to my mind...EAT! I swear we ate Thanksgiving size meals for every meal, 5 days straight! Ask me if I'm ashamed...pshhh ya right! I think my two favorite places to eat were Mama's (compliments of Glo) and the Cliff House. Both were melt in your mouth good! Even though the food was to die for, my favorite part of the whole trip was renting bikes and biking to the Golden Gate bridge at sunset. It was perfect weather, pretty skies, refreshing, and just what we hoped for. I just asked Thomas what his favorite part was and he said..."food and alcatraz and golden gate and you". That pretty much sums up the trip I think! On our flight home, we were accompanied by 6 yummy loaves of famous Boudin sourdough bread! We had to bring a bit of San Fran back for people in Utah. All in all though it was a perfect getaway and we both got slapped with reality when we got back to Utah which made us appreciate the trip that much more! The only downside of having gone on that trip, is now nothing seems instagram worthy. Yup I said it, and I meant it, wo is me...

True Love.
Red velvet waffle heaven.

That yummy gourmet meal I was talking about, compliments of Chef Tom.

Bay Bridge at Sunset

Lombard crazy street...

Savin' some for later

FULL HOUSE!!! What the What?!?

Chocolate.chocolate.chocolate.and morrrre chocolate!
We didn't even care that we had to wait in line for 1 hr and 15 mins in the cold line outside to partake of this goodness. mmmmm mmmm mmmm Mama sure knows how to please the palate.

And the Golden Gate bike ride begins!

The view of the city from Alcatraz is incredible!

They may not have had too many appealing things at Alcatraz but at least they had the essentials.

Such a purrrty temple with a breath taking view of the city!! Not to mention we saw some dude take a girl on a walk around the grounds and slowly get the nerve to hold her hand. Celestial flirting at its best!


  1. My thoughts:
    Wow! Chels, your hair is getting LONG!
    Wow! Thomas, could you teach Travis how to cook?
    Wow! You guys are the cutest newlyweds ever.

  2. HEY CHELS! I don't have time to sit and read your blog right now.... but boy do I miss you!!! Look how happy and great you look! I'll for sure have to read some of your posts and catch up with you! Looks like you are doing great! I see your sister often, my sis and her are in the same ward, pretty good friends. Small world :) Hope you are well! Send me an email and I'll send you an invite to my blog